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Warren Mayor Jim Fouts Initiates the Elderly Task Force

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts, Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green and the Warren Police Department have created a Task Force that will aggressively identify, arrest, and prosecute those responsible for these terrible crimes against the seniors.

Regina softball players surround Warren Mayor Jim Fouts as he congratulates Coach Diane Laffey following a proclamation at Warren City Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016.

Warren Mayor To Honor Warren Students

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts To Honor 4 Warren Students For Assisting Vehicle Accident Victim


Warren City Elected Officials Will Be Sworn In

Warren city elected officials will be sworn in at noon in the first floor conference room at city hall.

Frank Sinatra's 100th Birthday to be commemorated in Warren

Frank Sinatra’s 100th Birthday to be commemorated in Warren with a tribute performance by Mark Randisi.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts Gives State of the City Address

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts’ delivers the ninth  ‘State of the City’ address which highlights The City of Warren’s administration’s achievements, goals and strategic initiatives.  

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts - Purple Heart City

Warren Veteran’s Home Outdoors Gets a Free Facelift Monday by Home Depot

Mayor Jim R. Fouts is to attend the Veteran’s Home Outdoors Campaign, where John Ciecko, Jr., an active Warren veteran, will have his home’s outdoor area completely redone in order to improve his quality of life and enhance the grounds.